Assessment Strategy & Delivery


1) Overall Assessment Strategy

A. Our assessment strategy aims to evaluate candidates’ knowledge, skills, and abilities through a combination of written tests and practical assessments. The assessments are designed to align with the learning objectives and curriculum.

2)  Development of Question Bank (Sector wise- Job Role Wise)

A. Numbers – A large question bank is already developed with multiple choice, short answer, and essay-type questions. The bank has at least 3 times the number of questions needed for each test.

B. Quality – Each Questions are vetted by subject matter experts to ensure they are clear, relevant, and aligned to the curriculum. Question quality is monitored through difficulty and discrimination indices.

C. Mechanism to select questions – Questions for each test will be randomly selected from the bank using automated test generation software. Care will be taken to ensure tests are standardized, with similar difficulty levels across test forms.

3)  Assessment and Delivery Processes

A. Assessments are delivered online through our assessment portal. Candidates will authenticate their identity and take the tests in proctored settings. The portal will have features to prevent cheating and deliver assessments securely.

4)  Practical/Skill Assessment

A. Practical assessments will be conducted for occupations requiring demonstration of skills. Assessors will observe and grade the performance on standardized rubrics. Small group assessments will be conducted with an appropriate assessor-to-candidate ratio. Sessions will be video-recorded for verification.

5)  Systems to record, validate, and report assessment details

A. Candidate biometric/ID verification is done during test login and monitored via proctoring.

B. Video recording and remote proctoring systems are being monitored end-to-end.

C. Performance data is uploaded automatically from the test portal into the reporting system.

D. Results data will be validated for accuracy before release.

6)  Performance Reporting and Analytics

A. The assessment portal generates detailed reports on each candidate and cohort’s performance. Analytics will provide insights like question difficulty index, discrimination index, psychometric analysis, etc. Results data will be integrated with LMIS. Custom reports and dashboards are also available.

7)  Technology for Assessment

Our assessment platform is a state-of-the-art online proctoring solution built on cloud infrastructure. It allows the authoring of question banks, test creation, identity verification, video proctoring, and AI/ML-based cheating prevention. It can conduct online exams at a massive scale with high security. (An online demo of the portal can be presented)

8)  Planning and Mechanism for ToA

A. already has 100+ ToA Certified Assessors, More Assessors can also be certified based on the demand.

9)  Data Privacy

A. The platform has robust data privacy controls. Candidate data is encrypted and secured. Access control ensures data visibility only on a need-to-know basis. Data retention and purging policies are defined. Audit logs provide visibility on access.

10)  Readiness for Cross-Sectoral Skills

A. Question bank architecture enables mapping competencies across sectors

B. Assessments can be compiled from NOS across multiple QPs

C. Custom assessments can be created for multi-sector job roles

D. Scoring provides detailed reports on competencies across NOS/QPs

11)  Platform well positioned for multi-skilling and cross-sectoral assessments Alignment with Qualification Packs and NOS

A. The question bank is structured based on NOS and aligned to the Qualification Packs. This ensures the assessments evaluate specific skills and competencies as defined in the qualification standards.