SAI Social Micro Finance Foundation is a Non-profit making company registered under section 8, having registered office in Pune, in May 2010. We are always trying to be the foundation for social life. Mainly we are focused on the basic necessities of the human community &their environments.

We promise comprehensive social and economic Empowerment of rural, semi-urban & urban societies by providing free educational support, vocational training, healthcare facilities, agricultural facilities, financial support & also resolving different civic issues & environmental issues.

We started our journey & operations in 2010 with a vision to set new benchmarks while delivering benefits to society in the domain of Education, Microfinance, Healthcare, and Training & Employment. SAI SOCIAL is an organization working on the social and professional inclusion of the urban poor. We are providing an integrated different kind of program for a greater social and economic autonomy of the urban poor families.

In its vision, SAI SOCIAL has resolved to be the beacon of comprehensive social and economic Empowerment by providing educational, vocational training, healthcare facilities, and financial support. We creating entrepreneurs through the Social Entrepreneurship development program and providing employment support by vocational & employability training program. And Sai Social moves closer each day to this objective through each project that we meticulously make our own- ownership of work is one of the pillars we stand strong on!

  • Established in: Pune, Maharashtra, India (RoC-Pune)
  • Establishment Year: May 2010
  • Registration No.: U74900PN2010NPL136367
  • Education | Employment | Healthcare | Family Development| Income Generation
  • H Office – Pune, Maharashtra, IND, R Office- Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Registered under Companies Act, 1956 (No 1 of 1956) & as a Section 8 organization.

Our Objective:

Socio-economic development of the poor and Enable partners to increase their income.

To support families to improve their financial situation, by better understanding and controlling their household expenses and by improving through better business management.


  • “SSM FOUNDATION” has resolved to be the top-rated non-profit organization of India.”
  • Uplifting the poor family by social and economical development.
  • Provide Services for sustainable development.
  • To contribute in our society & its community for overall Social & economic development.
  • Support in nation building activities.


  • “To contribute our efforts to uplift unprivileged & needy people by taking Social Action and Implement it with need base program”.
  • To raise awareness among the under privileged communities& provide need based support to improve their overall conditions in a sustainable manner.

Our Inspiration:


  • By: Mahatma Gandhi

Our conviction:

Only a holistic approach to the social and economic inclusion issues can lead to a sustained improvement of the families’ living conditions.

Our Organizational Goal:

•“Sai Social Microfinance Foundation” has resolved to be the top-rated non-profit organization of India.”

•”To provide services to individuals, communities & organizations for sustainable development.”

Believe & Conviction:

Aim to do non-profitable work only in a holistic approach by the social and economic inclusion.

Our targeted population:

Vulnerable Economically Backward & Poor families and specifically, to reach them out, the women seen as the key persons to support the whole families, who are trying to improve their economic situation through the creation of small productive activities.

Our project & program based on:

  • A support system to create and develop small businesses for sustainable income generation.
  • A combination of complementary levers to reduce the families’ overall vulnerability under the Families’ empowerment program.
  • A comprehensive approach that allows securing the social and professional inclusion paths of our beneficiaries.

Our approach:

It’s combining income generation, health protection, and social support. A combined and comprehensive offer for the BPL/poor community to develop their source of income by financial & training support.

Working Region:

    • Maharashtra: All Districts
    • Uttar Pradesh: G B Nagar, Kanpur, Ballia
    • Bihar: Bhojpur, Buxar, Patna, Saran
    • Haryana: Hisar, Mahendragarh, Bhiwani
    • And other locations in India.